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CORESIS is an owner-managed real estate investment company that serves ultra high net-worth private and institutional investors. At CORESIS, we focus on investments in German properties to earn attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

It is our proximity to clients, markets, individual properties and their tenants that enables us to meet the highest standards for quality.



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CORESIS caters to our clients' unique requirements and discerning quality standards. We specialize in serving:

  • High net-worth private investors, (multi-) family offices and private banks
  • Institutional investors, in particular, insurance companies, savings banks, foundations, church assets and pension funds

Managing Directors

Each of the/two managing partners at CORESIS has more than two decades of experience in the German real estate market, and specifically in investments, project development and asset management. Both headed up notable German real estate companies before founding CORESIS.




Since 2010 Co-founder and Managing Partner, CORESIS Management GmbH
2007 – 2010 Chief Operating Officer (COO), DIC Asset AG
2003 – 2007 Partner, Feri Finance AG, and Head of Real Estate, Feri Wealth Management GmbH
1999 – 2003 Rhein-Main Branch Manager, Viterra Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH (e.on Group)
1996 – 1999 Chief Project Manager, OFB Bauvermittlungs- und Gewerbebau GmbH (Helaba Group)
1994 – 1996 Project Manager, Commerz Immobilien GmbH (Commerzbank Group)
Education Apprenticed as a banker, Lawyer with a Doctorate from Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Real Estate Economist


Since 2010Co-founder and Managing Partner, CORESIS Management GmbH
2008 – 2009 Managing Partner, CRE Resolution GmbH (COVER Projektentwicklung GmbH was merged into CRE Resolution GmbH)
2007 – 2008 Managing Partner, COVER Projektentwicklung GmbH after a management buyout (formerly RAG Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH)
2003 – 2006 Chairman of the Management Board, RAG Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH, Essen (RAG Real Estate AG)
2002 – 2003 Managing Director, Montan-Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH, Essen (RAG Immobilien AG)
1998 – 2002Prokurist [authorized signatory), IVG Immobilien GmbH, Bonn
1994 – 1998 Project Manager, HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Education Studied Spatial Planning (Dipl.-Ing.), Doctorate (Dr.rer.pol.) in real estate economics/development


Managing Partner and co-founder of CORESIS



Managing Partner and co-founder of CORESIS


Bad Homburg 

CORESIS Management GmbH
Rathausplatz 12
D-61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Phone:    +49 (0)6172 - 27 180 - 100
Fax:         +49 (0)6172 - 27 180 - 200



CORESIS Management GmbH
Jägerhofstraße 19-20
D-40479 Düsseldorf

Phone:    +49 (0)211 - 30 32 95 - 77
Fax:         +49 (0)211 - 30 32 96 - 12



CORESIS Management GmbH
Rheinstraße 45-46
D-12161 Berlin

Phone:    +49 (0)30 - 8 57 57 07 - 10
Fax:   +49 (0)30 - 8 57 57 07 - 01